Staff of Othro (2011 Forgotten Realms

Back to the future
neverwinter pre cataclysm

The characters are now in the city of never-winter just before the great cataclysm occurred. Midlow became bored and decided to try his hand at pickpocketing at a taven frequented by the rich and powerful of never-winter. Midlow was successful and managed to obtain a bag that contained 100 plat and a note. A note which said “Your pretty good. Im in need of please contact me later at this place for the chance to earn 1000 more”. The party decided to meet with the person.

The contact turned out to be someone named Thomas wolfgeist – who had had recently lost an family heirloom when he had to sell it to pay his creditors. He had sold the item (which he refuses to discuss) to Ortho. Now he wants it back. He told the adventures he knew Ortho was out of town and now was the time for someone to break into his tower and secure the item. He provided a book and a map of some underground passages below the tower. They were given explicit instructions to not harm any of Ortho’s servants. WolfGeist didn’t seem to care items were stolen,only that no one was hurt (because he didn’t wish to incur the wrath of Ortho should he be found out).

The Item he is interested in is only described as a small lacquered wood box that has his family seal on it. And he states it will be on the fireplace mantle in the top room of the tower.

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